Heartily Welcome at Jutta’s German Bread
Dear visitors of Jutta's German Bread
You are probably wondering why a Thai woman comes to make German breads and baked goods and sell them.
This fact is quit easy to explain. I have met on a cruise ship my German husband 14 years ago as an employee. He also worked on this ship. 2013, my husband quit his job because we wanted to be together a bit more. I asked him to train me to be a baker.  As a master baker he had just the right profession for me to teach me baking of original German backeries.

I knew that there were many Europeans in the province of Udon Thani, who would like to buy original German bread, if it is made in good quality and professionally. After a few months I was able to produce with the help of my husband different breads and baked goods from original German recipes. The first customers in our near surroundings were delighted with our products. We import all our ingredients and process to our products quality raw materials of high quality. We do not use chemical additives such as anti-mold or cling agents. We work in a traditional way and make original rye-wheat sourdough, buttermilk and curd we always produce by our own.

We live in Non Sa At about 60 km from Udon Thani. For a little over 6 months, we bake for you. We only sell fresh breads and backeries. We supply every Wednesday and Saturday to Udon Thani. The bread must be ordered through us at least two days in advance. Herefor you can use our small electronic shop of our website.